Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Schedule?   Although a single session will be enjoyable, many of the effects are cumulative and a course of treatments will bring the most benefits. Regular sessions can help to prevent unnecessary strains and injuries that might otherwise occur due to excess tension and its resulting structural weaknesses.
How often you schedule is a personal decision. If time and money were no object, how often would you like to receive a session? At Medically Sound Mobile Massage, we recommend you weigh the benefits of your sessions and set a schedule that fits both your time and financial budgets. .

  What Are Some of the Potential Health Benefits of Massage?  Improves posture, relaxation, circulation, joint flexibility
Promotes deeper/easier breathing, immune functions
Reduces blood pressure, pain, spasm, tension headaches, stress, swelling, scar tissue formation

Massage and/or Myofascial Release, when applied by a professionally trained massage therapist, may reduce the severity of injuries, reduce recovery time, and, when used regularly, actually decreases the likelihood of injury. Massage therapy and Myofascial Release do not replace the need for medical attention in the case of injury or illness.

Are Same Day Appointments Available?  We recommend you make your appointment in advance to ensure availability. Occasionally same day sessions are available, schedule permitting.
Submit a Workplace and Event Massage Request

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Do you offer gift certificates? Yes! Information and an order form are available on this page.

What should I expect at my first in-home massage?  While you complete a short health information form, your therapist will set up a massage table, supplies and relaxing music. You will be asked what results you are looking for, such as relaxation, pain relief, etc, and you and the therapist will design a massage to fit your needs. Your therapist will leave the room to wash up while you undress to your comfort level and lie on the massage table between a fresh set of linens. All areas will be covered except the area being worked on. Private areas are never exposed. You may ask any questions at any time during your massage. If at any time you desire lighter/deeper pressure, more/less focus on any area, or wish to end the session, please let your therapist know. When your massage is over the therapist will leave the room to wash up while you dress. When you are ready, equipment will be packed. Please allow an additional 30 to 45 minutes for your session for dressing, set-up and packing for house calls. If there is more than one session, allow about another 15 to 20 minutes between each session in your schedule.

Will I have to talk during my session?
No... Other than for determining the safety and course of your session your therapist may "check in" from time to time on pressure or your comfort or to ask for more information about your body. Some clients enjoy chatting during their massage. Your therapist will do her best to keep conversation at whatever level you choose. You may be silent or talk the entire session. If at any time you would like more or less conversation, just let the therapist know.

Does insurance cover my session? Generally not in Wisconsin.
If your massage or myofascial release session was for health benefits and you have a Flexible Spending Account, your session fees may be reimbursable. Check with your benefits administrator.
Sessions may also be reimbursable for Worker's Compensation or Personal Injury Claims when prescribed by your primary care provider.
All session fees are due at the time of service, if you have coverage you would need to submit for reimbursement directly.
Active Isolated Stretching sessions (AIS) are offered as Personal Training services by MSMM; insurance companies generally do not cover personal training.

I am an employee at 4imprint or Secura Insurance and have questions about the massage program at my office. All program information and scheduling is available online. There are no links from the public areas of this website. Please contact HR or your therapist for the website address.

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