Therapeutic Massage


Invite me come to your home for your massage session!
Massage Sessions for pure relaxation or for health benefits

When your Massage Therapist arrives for your session, we will discuss your health concerns and goals and together will design a session to fit your needs and goals

Therapeutic Massage is skillful manipulation of muscle, tendon and other soft tissues using varying pressure and motion to achieve positive emotional and physical results.

A Few of the Potential Benefits
Improves Posture, Relaxation, Circulation, Joint flexibility
Promotes Deeper/Easier Breathing, Immune function
Reduces Blood Pressure, Pain, Spasm, Tension Headaches, Stress, Swelling, Scar Tissue Formation

Massage, when applied by a professionally trained massage therapist, may reduce the severity of injuries, reduce recovery time, and when used regularly, actually decrease the likelihood of injury. Massage does not replace the need for medical attention in the case of injury or illness.

What types of Massage can I get?
Your therapist has over 20 years health care experience and has trained in many forms and styles of massage. A few many forms that your therapist may incorporate techniques from include: swedish massage, orthopedic massage, trigger point, myofascial release, Russian, accupressure, sports massage, prenatal, neuromuscular integration, and structural alignment.

Rather than focusing on the type of massage, your Medically Sound Mobile Massage therapist selects techniques from many styles of massage to best meet your needs and goals:
Relaxation Massage sessions allow your body to melt into the cushions and your mind to drift into peacefulness.
Medical Massage sessions focus on achieving positive changes in your physical health. Whether you have a "crick" in your neck form a poor night's sleep, an on-going condition, or a recent injury, therapeutic massage may assist your body's innate capacity for healing.
Prenatal Massage is designed to meet the changing physical an emotional needs of pregnant and post-partum women.

What is Wisconsin's legal definition of "Massage Therapy"?
"Massage therapy or bodywork" means the science and healing art that uses manual actions (including includes holding, positioning, rocking, kneading, compressing, decompressing, gliding, or percussing the soft tissue of the human body or applying a passive range of motion to the human body) to palpate and manipulate the soft tissue of the human body, in order to improve circulation, reduce tension, relieve soft tissue pain, or increase flexibility, and includes determining whether massage therapy or bodywork is appropriate or contraindicated, or whether a referral to another health care practitioner is appropriate. "Massage therapy or bodywork" does not include making a medical or chiropractic diagnosis.

You may combine Active Isolated Stretching personal training services with your massage session.

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